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Bistrò 3544

the flavour of modernity

Traditional cuisine, gourmet quality

The exclusive Bistro, on the first floor, harmonises perfectly with the complex as a whole and offers all guests delicious breakfasts included in the room rate and a cuisine based on the use of fresh, genuine ingredients for the preparation of dishes from the Chef’s Mediterranean heritage.

Our menu


  • Cold cut platter served with pickles
  • Fassona beef tartare served with toast and butter
  • Breaded Nante cheese served with herb salad and maple syrup dressing
  • Korean style wings (with homemade Korean sauce sesame and spring onion)

Pasta and rice dishes

  • Spaghetti with garlic, oil, chilli pepper, lemon gel, chilli pepper molasses and crumble
  • Paccheri with Neapolitan ragout, pork ribs and cream of parmesan cheese
  • Milanese” risotto, sour butter, duck liver escalope and demi-glace
  • Ravioli “cacio e pepe”, dressed with cheese and pepper, stuffed with pecorino cheese and 5-peper mix, creamed roast potatoes and Terra di Siena pork cheek

Main courses

  • Pork millefeuille
    slow-cooked pork belly, carasau bread and arugola and orange salad
  • Veal cordon bleu 500 g
    Topside of veal, cooked ham and Nante cheese
  • Our choice dry aged meat trolley. Selection of steaks and choice cuts.


  • Carbonara burger
    beef burger 200 g, carbonara sauce, pork cheek and pecorino cheese flakes
  • Resident burger
    lughanigetta sausage burger 200 g, broccoli, Nante cheese and paprika mayonnaise
  • Pulled pork burger
    slow-cooked pulled pork, crispy shallot, whiskey BBQ sauce
  • Foie gras burger
    beef burger 200 g, duck liver escalope, truffle mayonnaise and caramelised onions
  • New York Pastrami
    beef pastrami, bretzel bun, honey mustard, homemade gherkins and fried egg

Vegetarian and vegan

  • Pita
    Grilled pita bread with chickpea and paprika hummus
  • ToFu Salad
    seasonal salad, grilled tofu, walnuts and maple syrup dressing
  • Vegan Burger
    vegan burger 180 g, seasonal salad, tomato and mustard

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