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About us

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Our story

After years in local government, architect and promoter Daniele Pronzini has moved into the private sector to give full expression to his innate entrepreneurial spirit.

All his many projects in the last eight years are distinctive and unusual within their respective genres, but above all they include a strong focus on art, which has become his signature feature.

Highlighting the art-architecture combination developed with friend and artist Paolo Grassi was a top priority in Lumino, the architect’s home village, where two artworks have been installed.

The first, outdoors, is a spiral sculpture marked with numbers, which reinforces the piazza’s character as meeting-place, while in the second, placed in the photoshooting studio, the artist has truly excelled himself: this work starts from the sheet of reinforced concrete in the internal patio and extends vertically along the lighting well, forging a link with the universe.

The facility’s philosophy and guiding principle

Residenza 3544 offers high-speed, high-tech access to rooms

Residenza 3544 is in dynamic, variegated style, with beautifully designed details in both the building and its contents

Residenza 3544 aims to enable guests to book stays of any length depending on their individual needs, and to help them to feel really “at home”. Our apartments’ combination of warmth and independence will assure you an even more pleasant stay.

Residenza 3544 makes full use of technology to constantly offer the best service

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